A Capella Zoo, issue 8 / A Cappella Zoo, issue 10: The Best of A Capella Zoo 

Sugar Mule, issue 41: Women Writing Nature

Eleven Eleven, issue 13  (print only)

Eleven Eleven, issue 9  (print only)

Hunger Mountain (print only)

Switchback, issue 11


Invisible Cities Audio Tours – The Armada of Golden Dreams

  • Cadmus, Plover, and the buried Autumn –  at 57:55.  Each piece read by its author.

(more info about this project here and here.)

Switched-On Gutenberg, issue 24: The Poetics of Space

Postcard Poems & Prose

Flock, issue 19: Migration

Deluge, issue 3.1

Ghost Proposal, issue 8

The Hunger, issue 2

Panapoly, issue 9

Storm Cellar, Vol. VII No. 1

Gertrude, issue 27

Glint, issue 9

Pretty Owl Poetry, issue 20